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The Modernist - Modern Twists To Traditional Settings


Modern: of or relating to the present or immediate past. Or so says the online dictionary I referred to.

Modernity is a funny thing – it’s constantly changing in a fabulously exciting way and I think you’re either on board or not. Are you?


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Decorating Trend: Raw Luxe


Luxury can mean a lot of things but, often, at this time of year, it’s spending a long Easter break at home, surrounded my your favourite people and your favourite things. Celebrate clean and simple style that values the finer things in life, with a raw luxe design style perfect for relaxing weekends. Team natural textures with organic shapes then add a layer of sophistication with vintage style glamour.

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Valentine’s Day: New Takes On Old Classics


Don’t look now, but V-Day is fast approaching. That’s Valentine’s Day for those of you who are either living under a rock or eschewing love in general. I, on the other hand, have changed my tune on the day of hearts and flowers... 

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A home for the holidays ~ by Claire Bradley

Inside Out Decorating Trends Christmas
Christmas Tree at David Jones

When it comes to creating a festive mood in your home, enthusiasm is your most powerful tool. There are myriad beautiful baubles and bells in store right now, but it’s getting the combination and display right that’s going to make it a winning design... 

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