Emma Freedman & Gai Waterhouse ~ Spring Racing Styling Tips


Gai Waterhouse wears Carla Zampatti outfit. Emma Freedman wears Ginger & Smart dress.

Our Ambassadors Emma Freedman and Gai Waterhouse certainly know a thing or two about the races. After years of attending some of the most prestigious Australian race days, Emma and Gai have become experts in elegant trackside dressing.

Following etiquette whilst remaining stylish is a must and here are Emma’s and Gai’s tips for effortless style at Spring Carnival.

- Straw hats are the must have piece to complete your outfit – remember felt is only for autumn racing.
- Always ensure you take your hat to the hairdresser to have it fitted correctly.
- Always have an option for cooler weather. A tailored cropped jacket or great trench coat is perfect.
- Accessories are key. Ensure they all match as odd bits and pieces don’t give a polished look.
- To avoid sinking into the grass opt for platform shoes or wedges as an alternative to stilettos.
- Remember you are at the track, not in a nightclub, so keep it sophisticated and elegant. Plunging necklines and ultra-minis are not suitable for the racetrack.

- A pocket-handkerchief is an essential for any man attending the races. It gives your outfit a polished, sophisticated look.
- Accessorising is just important for the men, as it is the women. This includes cuff links, shoes, a belt, tie and a masculine timepiece.
- Don't forget sunglasses. Look for classic shapes in elegant eyewear.
- Polish your shoes and look for smart socks.

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